*pokes quiet community xD;*

I (finally) made a fanvid~!! =0!

It's a bunch of clips of many Jrockers (and Jpoppers) and their crazy dances 8D
Set to the song "Kong Pun Thao Fai" by Dance Army ^_^v

A Jrock Dance Army - Fanvid
^ Click and download~! ^ (sorry its on MU, that's the only upload site that lets me upload with my dial up ^^;)
EDIT: Yousendit link since Megaupload is being a pain in the rear x.X

I tried to use bands that you don't usually see in fanvids~
Included bands:
Plastic Tree
Psycho le Cému
♠ Miyavi
Inugami Circus-Dan
Panic Channel
♠ Gackt
♠ Lead
♠ Berryz Koubou
Doping Panda
Fairy Fore
♠ w-inds.
♠ SE7EN ....kay, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for clips, and he sings in Japanese too, so...he still counts, right? >.>
♠ China Dolls .......I'm Thai and it's a Thai song, so I'm allowed to stick them in too xDD;

Please download it and tell me what you think~! ^3^ ~
neroitis [Kadaj]

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(I know hide is a bit more popular than most Jrock artists... But I still don't see that many posts about him, so... Yeah. And I realize that this is not rolling around on the floor funny. By the way, hai gaiz!)

Recently, I heard about a group called 'The Pink Spiders'. The title both amused and annoyed me. Not to mention, Hot Topic supports them.

Hrm. *Ponders.* What do you all think?
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neroitis [Kadaj]


I had this dream the other night where I was choosing what words I should put on a black t-shirt with distorted white text. O_o;

My brain, as me of course, for some reason, decided to put 'Robots and Music' (from FLOPPY) as my text on it.

I'm quite proud of that dream, for some reason.

Anyone else have some totally random dreams or whatever? D:
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snake chama

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so I got this rira no ki thing of Plastic Tree's today, and I just have to say...
"thank you Akira, for not keeping that hairdo."

Tadashi actually seriously reminds me of some old lady actress I've seen in some movie or other who's name I can't place at all.  But he does, really.
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art by, [default] Made my funeralhair @ cutecute

Let's all make fun of Mao!

It started with an innocent conversation!

honeycreepshow: i've always thought the vocalist of sid looks so weird though omg......
Me: But in a good way. Just... weird. xD
honeycreepshow: yea xD he's got really big lips or something *blinks*
Me: He does, huh? Also his upper lip is big too. A bunch of japanese guys just have a huge bottom lip and a nonexistant upper one. :0
honeycreepshow: xDDD i know!
Me: So, yes. His big upper lip is incredibly weird. x_x;
honeycreepshow: i know xD he sort of reminds me of a crazy black woman in some pictures~ only less.... black ._.
Me: Oh my god HE DOES xDDD
honeycreepshow: xDD i know right!
Me: That's... that's terrifying. XD
honeycreepshow: i know xDDDDD
Me: I will never look at Mao the same EVER AGAIN. D:
honeycreepshow: *cackles*
Me: Somebody should totally photomanipulate that. >> Black Girl Mao. Omfg.

And someone did. :'D Image hosted by

(Sorry it's big, I tried to put it under a cut but it wouldn't work. >_<;)
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